~ New Start ~

I've finished the year, I'm doing okay,
My checkbook is in the black,
it's going to stay that way.

I made many new friends this year,
Makes my day brighter,
because they're all so dear.

I checked my behavior back to childhood,
Some I want to disappear,
other times I'm misunderstood.

Sometimes I say things I don't mean,
Creating tension, discord,
especially towards motorists I've seen.

There is One I go to in despair,
He always forgives,
so I can be true, as I forswear.

Yes, Jesus my Savior, I trust,
Stands by my side faithfully,
my life to Him I entrust.

Don't give up in disgust and pain,
Turn to Jesus and explain,
He takes sin away, that's His domain.

Joan C. Nelson-Payne 12/15/06


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I Need Thee
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