~ A New Tree Of Life? ~

According to the Mayan Calendar
We’re in the Earth’s transition
The Time between the changes
Of the World’s new condition.

It’s not The New World Order
Some politicians speak about
Where all the rich get richer
And most the rest, will go without.

It’s about returning to those things
Like the Water, Earth and Sky
To realize all we have lost
To try to answer questions, “Why?”

It’s changing our priorities
To try to stop the reduction
Of those things which give us Life
Of our Habitat’s destruction.

It’s about coming together
With our Sister and Brother
To work to try to save this World
For when it’s gone, there’ll be no other.

It’s called the World of the Fifth Sun
The time of a Global Convergence
Hoping for a smooth transition
To this New World’s emergence.

It’s feared there will be social chaos
War and loss of more environment
During this in-between time
Of this Earth-changing event.

What was said by a Mayan Elder
About all that we have in store
Was summed up in one statement
When he said, “We are more!”

We’re more than the greed of Man
And those who would lead us astray
More than all the hate and fear
That seems to always have been our way.

A time of rebirth in Twenty-twelve
With the Earth’s future born anew
The Sun will rise into The Tree of Life
When what the Mayan say, comes true.

Del “Abe” Jones © 2006

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