~ New Year Haven ~

Hello dear friend
The curtain is rolling back, to unveil
another New Year
Today, I want to slip into your heart
with some loving thoughts
for we have been blessed
with sweet memories of loveliness we sought

Tender words to share and pass between
Caring for each other
in every need
Every day we prayed
for God was near and dear, with us
in every way

Thank you for all you do, to bless
my heart, in all that you impart,
I can't begin to put into words
all you have been
in all you sweetly send

The greatest gift, you could give-
to be a friend
giving yourself away
to dwell within my soul, to care
in all, as if I was your own

And that is why, as this year ends
and another begins- with you
my heart is not alone
For the special love we have been given
from above, means our hearts
have an everlasting home

I thank God for giving us today
and tomorrow and forever
for there's so much more to say

Softest whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

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