New Year Wish

I want to wish you all
So many things this year
This page won't hold it all
But I'll let you know I care.

I want a better year
For each of my dear friends
When the new year's here
and this one finally ends

It's nearly time for that
This year will just be history
But Your new year's coming
Full of lovely things, No mystery

I'm going to promise you
I'll pray for you this year
More passionate than before
asking God to please
your good health restore!

I pray this will be the year
Your debt will all be paid
That you'd owe nothing more
And out of debt you'll stay

I ask for a great bounty
To be given you
Where there'll be food enough
To share with others too

Dear friend I pledge to you
My friendship filled with love
As God has blessed my life
and brought you all my way,
While looking from above!

I feel you're all a gift from God
Because He loves me so
So He crossed our paths in time
For me to really know!

This is a sincere wish from my heart to yours

Betty Hill 2005

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Midi is used with permission
Margi Harrell

Brought to you by 2005