~ Night Before Christmas ~

T'was the night before Christmas
tree strung to my back
tired and weary
just needed a nap

I trudged 'n I stamped
with feet soaking wet
Christmas bells ringing
I couldn't care less

Snow covered ground
bitter chill in the air
Caroler's singing
bah!, humbug, I glared

Wearing a scarf
and mittens of red
just needed a drink
some cuddling in bed

I cursed as I stumbled
and fell to the ground
covered in slush
still wearing a frown

Frosty the snowman
stood, in frozen dismay
couldn't imagine
why I acted this way

Then all of a sudden
to my wondrous surprise
came a man with a beard
with twinkling in eyes

Lead by his reindeer
he called them by name
pulling his sleigh
o're snow mounds they came

Laughing from belly
so jolly was he
gave me a wink
then gathered the tree

Strung it with lights
placed a big star on top
garland and tinsel
that glowed in the dark

His sack full of toys
he left at my feet
with stockings chuck full
of candy and sweets

Feeling awful and stupid
such a jerk I had been
gathered my thoughts
with guilt hung my head

My heart flitter fluttered
as he rode out of sight
Merry Christmas, he waved
and a joyous, goodnight

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