~ No E-Mail Today ~

Oh woe is me, what shall I do
There's no electricity, I'm in a stew
Right in the middle of e-mailing you
The electric company blew a fuse!

I can't find out how long it might be
This is upsetting, not only to me
Neighbors are coming out to see
What has happened, what can it be!

What worries me now, I have to say
I can't answer my e-mails, not today
My friends will think we went away
But here we are and here we'll stay!

Candles are lit to bring in some light
The sun has set, it's not real bright
We're stumbling around, it's such a sight
We're in the dark, thus is our plight!

"Yoo-hoo, I'm here", as I groan
Will they ever fix the fuse that's blown
I mumble and grumble and start to moan
"Daggone it anyway, they should've known!"

That every day I e-mail my friends
"Hello everybody" is what I send
But they don't seem to comprehend
Too bad we have to rely on them!

No way it should take so very long
To flip the switch from off to on
They obviously think we're all morons
They all went home, they're all gone!


Chee Chee Martin 2006
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul

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