~ No More Gloomies ~

Though you may be so very far
And cannot ever be more near
Every thought of you I have
Each moment is so dear

Though you may be so very far
That I may never turn to see your face
Deep within my heart's recess
Is your most special place

You are my so cheery chum
Forever you shall ever stay
God gave me you, my special friend
To chase the gloomies all away

Never, no never, forever I say
(Though never to ever be face-to-face)
Will we ever stop being the gladdest of friends
Today, tomorrow, forever always

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

God knew in his infinite wisdom
that you and I were destined to meet
each other no matter how many miles might separate us. Distance is only a "thing"
What one holds near and dear
to the heart is what counts.
You are always near and dear to mine...Always!

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