~ No Need To Say Goodbye ~
Heaven is not very far from here
for the children who are lost,
and the birth mothers who
keep looking in the heavens
praying they will be found,
crying in their loss.
Do not cry, wash your tears
heaven is not very far from here,
I am the angel of hope
brought to earth so you can cope.
I feel your sorrow, I feel your pain
life is beautiful just the same.
Do not be afraid of the unknown
God is your very own.

If the time comes, when the end is near
an angel will help, you have no fear,
heaven is not very far from here.
If you look up at the stars
you can see the Lord there.
So hold my hand as we walk to the sky
God will meet us there, if we try,
there is no need to say good-bye.

Do you remember how the stars shine at night
Do you remember how the moon glows.
Do you remember my love for you is like a song
In this life and forever it will always go on.
Do you remember my smile and the color of my hair
Do you remember the blue of my eyes,
Do you remember how we danced in those stars
I can do anything where you are.
Do you remember how you hold me tight
and how we kiss goodnight.
Do you remember my hands in yours
The strong hand that can carry us to heaven.
Do you remember how I cry, when I look at you,
When you are gone I weep, and the clouds are blue
Do you remember my face
You can hold it
Until we take our last embrace
Linda Ann Henry 2004
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