~ No Presents Under My Tree ~

I know I should feel depressed and down
Because there will be no pretty presents
Or pretty ribbons or fancy looking bows
Sitting under my green Christmas tree.

But I am thankful for all I have in my life
I have fair health, although I have pain
I have a roof over my head to keep warm
And to keep out the cold and the rain.

I have family that loves me, this I know
They are so very precious to me, my friend
And I know even though we are far apart
They will have me in their hearts till the end.

And I have someone whom I love and adore
This person means the world and all to me
And I also have the love of Jesus Christ
And by my side he will forever and always be

But what I have that is most special to me
Is friends like you who I know really cares
You show it to me each and every day
In all you do and all the e-mail you share.

Sandy Edwards
2004 used with permission

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