~ No Tears Of Regret Do I Wish To Shed ~

When the Pearly Gates of Heaven open
and St Peter beckons me near
Tears of sadness from My Loved One's
these I wish not to see
Smiles upon their Faces
as thoughts of the Happy times we have shared
Brings them Laughter and Joy, these I'd rather see
and No Sad Remembrances, This I ask of You
No Tears of Regret, do I wish you to shed

My Time upon Earth shared with you
This, I'll Always Deeply Cherish
Please Keep me Warmly and Lovingly Safe within your Hearts
And know, My physical battle with illness
can bother me no more
A New Heavenly Body, pain free
Our Loving Heavenly Creator has awaiting there for me
And it is with Joy, Happiness and Renewal
Through those Heavenly Gates, I will fly.

Beverly Calhoun 2007

I heard a Minister say during a Funeral Service once,
that Prayers should be for the Loved One's left behind,
that the time of grieving for their Departed Loved One
is Now at an End,
for they are Safe in their Heavenly Loving Welcoming Home.
His words have always impacted my Heart and thoughts.
And I Know the Truth of his words, our time of physical illness,
pain and infirmary is now at an end
and No tears of regret for me do I wish my Loving family to shed-
My abiding Faith always keeps me close and Loved by Him.

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