~ Nothing God Can't Do ~

There is NOTHING, simply NOTHING
That my Father God cannot do;
When He moves His mighty Hand
His Holy Plans to carry through!

He has raised the dead to life again
And made the fearless truly fear;
My All Seeing, and All Knowing
Father God is always near!

He has taken the known believer
And, in dreams, shown them His Way!
He has taken those in darkest prisons
And shown to them the light of day!

With His Hand He has the universe
Within His mighty grasp!
He can calm all storms within us
And with vengeance, show His wrath!

He can take a barren desert
And with new life restore its soil.
He can take our mighty enemies
Their evil plots He will foil!

With a trumpet He brought down
The solid walls of Jericho!
No, there's nothing, simply NOTHING,
That my Father God cannot do!

And when this world is over,
When time as we know it, is all gone,
He'll catch us up together
And simply take us Home!

Lynn King Sept 20, 2006
~I am whom I am but by the grace,
love and unending mercy of our Father God!
I am but His conduit! To God be ALL the PRAISE,

He is Our:

El Shaddai---God Almighty
El Olam---God Eternal
El Chay---Livng God
El Aman---Faithful God
El Roi---All Seeing
El Gibbor---Mighty Warrior
El Elyon---Most High
El Kanna----Jealous God
El Salach---Forgiving God
El Hannun---Merciful God
Eloah---Mighty One
Elohim--The Almighty
Adonai---Our Lord
Jehovah---Self Exisiting


He is all these and more, and there is NOTHING He cannot do!

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