~  Now And Forever  ~

Now and forever, I will stand at your side
I am, in all that you see
I know, just how much you believe in me
I am the earth you hold
I am the ocean breeze
When you see the ships
Standing tall, remember I am part of it all

Now and forever, I will see your face
Your sweet voice...dearer than my own
I can hear the words on your lips
I am the dolphin flying in the air
I am everywhere

Now and forever, I am the grass
Which grows sweet beneath your feet
You, are the most beautiful one
That I ever knew
I am the stars at night, the nightingale who sings
I am in the universe, The Lord made for your home
So you see....
I have not gone

Now and forever, in my soul, I keep
The vision of you
Deep in my spirit, renewed,
You are so close
I can touch you
Eternity is always
I will wait at the gate
For you to come through.

Linda Ann Henry 2006
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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