~ Now I Am Set Free ~

I was shackled behind prison bars
I was guilty as I could be
No hope, no hope was in sight
Tell me who, oh who can save me?

Hopeless in bondage was I
I heard a voice from heaven that said
'Though you were sentenced to die
You can go, I died in your stead'

Then I met the Savior that day
My shackles all fell away
He took my place by Mercy and Grace
'You're pardoned', then I heard him say

But I should have been crucified
They should have marred my face
I should have hung on the cross that day
But Jesus the Lord took my place

The prison bars opened for me
'Not guilty' then was my plea
Jesus the Savior, God's only Son
Paid the price and now I am free

Yolanda Cohen 2006

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Midi by Margi Harrell


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