I could see them from a distance
Merely forms ahead of me
A couple walking hand in hand
Just how life ought to be

I love the water and the sand
The waves as they crash ashore
I feel I've loved it ever
Yet, each time I love it more

The ocean holds emotions
It can play a tender song
Little breezes blowing
The shoreline just goes on

It's like you're in a time warp
And all the world stands still
As you see this mighty ocean
Roar in and out at will

What an awesome wonder
As I watch it swell
Wondering where it's going
Yet only it could tell

If these shores could tell stories
What stories they would be
I'd not be one bit surprised
If one could be of me

For many hours I've spent there
Laying on these sandy shores
Many walks at moonlight
Back in the days of yore

The ocean can be one's strength
As one breathes in the air
Deeply taking in the scents
That surround it everywhere

And one can almost taste the salt
Watch seagulls as they glide
Swooping down to scavenge
What treasures they might find

Children run and play, have fun
Build sandcastles and yet more
Run into the ocean trying to beat
A wave as it heads back to shore

Tanned and eyes glistening
As they take each beauty in
Gathering the seashells
And basking in the wind

Oh what I would give to go there
For it's been so very long
How I miss this ocean
And listening to its song

I think of long time memories
Even wishing there were more
Oh to see this ocean once again
T'would ease this heart for sure

Could I but lean down one more time
And as the ocean goes on its way
I'd let the sand drift through my fingers
In the sunset of this day

Mary Anne Ray July 27, 2006
God's Little Whispers


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Art by Barbara Hails