~ Ode To An Operation ~

The operation was a success
But the appendage, what a mess,
Amputation considered, I must confess
It may be early days I guess, yet how can I rest.
Why wasn't I warned, I want to know
Of swelling, of pain, of black bruises that show,
I ask, was it worth it still to go
Will this old rooster, ever so cockily crow.

A million dollars... would that compensate
Oh no, they'd say it's far too late,
Just take a look at the use by date
Oh yes, they'd say, it is your fate.

But, I'll crow again, I know I will
Maybe not quite so high, not quite so shrill,
Thanks dear medico, I admire you still
But, you sure did deliver a bitter-sweet pill.

At this point, the caregiver must come in for a mention
I'm sure she feels she's under detention,
Get me this, get me that, such is the tension
I'm coming she cries, but I'm just on the pension!

There's more to the picture than meets the eye
I will go on about it, just in case I die,
Not finished yet, is my mortal cry
And you need to know more, so you too can try.

They fill you with needles and little pink pills
The attention is great, if you really are ill,
Another tablet sir? Is the pain in there still?
Oh yes, you say... like a great big dill.

Then the real suffering starts, on arrival at home
My stomach hurts, as from the ether I moan,
I'm nauseous, I'm crook, I'll vomit... I groan
Too sick to even want that ice-cream cone!.

There's a tablet for reflux and for constipation
And they really do work is my explanation,
I feel better, such great jubilation
After all, there certainly won't be a cremation!

To sum it all up, hear my recommendation
Choose the surgeons knife, with great trepidation,
For they'll nick, and they'll tuck, to stitch, their obligation
But, you will surely pay... is my confirmation.

Soft Whispered Groans from the Dad of
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

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