Oh sun, oh sun up above
Why won't you come out and stay
Don't hide behind so many clouds
Please brighten up my day.

Oh sun, oh sun up above
Please cast some rays this way
My little flowers need your light
Oh please sun don't fade away.

Oh sun, oh sun up above
Come out and watch me play
I'll run thru my garden of lovely flowers
And pick you a beautiful bouquet.

Oh sun, oh sun up above
How wondrous you must be
You light up the world I live in
You help me to be carefree.

Oh sun, oh sun up above
I don't want to stay indoors
I want to frolic all around
I want to run and jump and explore.

So don't be shy oh sun up above
Come out so your smile shines through
Chase the darkness of the night away
I look forward to seeing you.

Chee Chee Martin 2004



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