~ Older And Wiser ~

Our life is like a lengthy journey
Comprised of tears and years
Laughter, joy, and blessings
And at times, a lot of fear.

We all have seen so many things
Experienced quite a few
Traveled down so many paths
Our lives, He will review.

But as we age with each passing year
Our load becomes much lighter
Tears become less frequent
Our Lord's light becomes much brighter.

From the moment of birth, we're homeward bound
Destined to go from whence we came
Back to the One who created us
Our souls He will reclaim.

Each moment of life is like a whisper
A murmur so to speak
Should we shout to Heaven above?
Or should we be quiet and meek?

Each one's journey is so very different
So, who is it to say
Embrace yourself and your belief
You need to find your way.

With age comes wisdom, so I've heard
We seem to listen more
Our journey now is almost complete
We'll soon be at Heaven's door.

Chee Chee Martin 2006
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul

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