~ The "Older" Generation ~

I'd like to know when I went out of style
And why do my clothes fit so tight
I don't seem to turn heads anymore
And cataracts are hindering my sight.

I'm now considered the "older" generation
By people in their late forties
But I'm young at heart and mind
I think I'm pretty cool and sporty!

But my youthful looks are now gone
It's been replaced with wrinkles and lines
My lips are no longer full and lush
And my hair has become thinner and fine.

I've notice bulges are now appearing
Where once there were shapely curves
Other parts of my body sags and droops
Is this what us "oldies" deserve?

Us "oldies" can still have some fun
Our memories haven't let us yet
We recall what it use to be like
To party with the very best!

We may dress in florals and prints
And we may become slightly winded
But don't count us all out just yet
Cause our lives haven't ended.

We may have lots of gray and white hair
And we may walk at a slower pace
But inside we're kicking up our heels
Thought you'd like to know this just in case.

You see the time will come for you
When you'll be in my shoes
And wonder where your youthful looks went
It's then you'll be singing the blues!


Chee Chee Martin 2007
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul
Whispered Words

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