~ Old Lighthouse ~

The old lighthouse stands above the sea
Its bright beacon flashing so all may see
It has kept old ships from going astray
A bright beacon showing them the way

The old lighthouse still stands the shock
Of strong waves beating against the rock
Every one who sails the stormy sea
The bright beacon they are happy to see.

God is the lighthouse in times of despair
Whenever I call out He is always there
His guiding light is a comfort to me
Without His beacon where would I be.

God will forgive all our faults and sin
Just open your heart and let Him in
Believe God's beacon will light the way
Trust and let God brighten your day .

Glenna M. Baugh İ 2006
Living by Faith

"God wants to be your lighthouse;
invite Him into your heart today"
~Quote by Glenna~

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