~ The Old Swing ~

Come with me to the old swing,
Weíll gently sway and talk,
It cradles us with loving arms,
at the end of a lovely walk.

Itís listened to my hopes and dreams,
Swaying comfort to my fears,
Just a quiet little escape,
a constant thru the years.

In the shadow of a tree,
It waits silently each dayÖ
For some soul to come and visit,
So it can gently sway.

This old swing has gently swung
So many happy hearts,
Itís also held some hurting souls
And comfort it imparted.

Itís comfort is so soothing,
Nothing does it ask,
Just your quiet companionship,
And such an easy task.

Donít pass by the old swing,
It beckons to your soul,
Gently swing to natureís tune,
Your heart it can console!

Denise Lanford ©2004

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