~ Once Upon A Time ~

The pathway to forever
where hopes and dreams were born
holding close in memory
although they now are gone

Promises sealed with kisses
now blankets of my soul
clinging to each fiber
weaved with thoughts of old

A ballet through my conscience
each footstep takes me back
once upon a memory
when love was strong, intact

Silhouettes and roses
soft music, candles low
bodies clung together
basked in afterglow

Every little crevice
in the corners of my mind
hunger for the romance
of once upon a time

The man in moon is frowning
and stars no longer shine
salty tears play hopscotch
taste like bitter wine

I walk along the pathway
where we both had been
longing for those moments
that once together were spent

Those days of wine and roses
nights passion sang its song
whispers of sweet nothings
softly spoken at dawn

Although the words have silenced
'n hopes and dreams have died
I've no regrets for loving you
or bitter tears once cried

The scent of your embraces
still linger on my mind
lost in thought, remembering
once upon a time


Rose Marie Streeter 2005

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