May Christmas have no call to bear
The loneliness of self
Bereft and left to ponder
A candle on a shelf

But hear the faintest whisper
A sparkle in the night
It will come, for you it will
To warm your coldest plight

The sound of love is peeling stronger
Yet feel it drawing near
A tenderness so close to touch
To lift your face of tears

A gentle voice now crooning
Of peace for you to know
To settle in your spirit
So you will feel at home

A light about to dawn
For you to feel it's life
There is a sweet tomorrow
With someone there to guide

A wholeness filling all your soul
To bubble up within
The friend I see, to keep forever
It isn't just a dream


Soft Whispers for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

And they who will to Him belong
And keep, at eve, the faith of morn,
Shall daily hear the angel-song,
"Today the Prince of Peace is born."
James Russell Lowell, 1819-1891


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