~ One Moment In Time ~

In one moment of our time
I know how much you mean to me
You are there in time, where I want to be
When I close my eyes, I am back with you
No time or space
will stop me going through
And when we kiss
I live inside your heart and soul
Just one moment is our time,
Now I'll never let you go

I see the love upon your face
when you look at me
Now I know we'll always be
I hear a bird sing softly here
In a moments travel, I am there with you
There are no words we need to say
We are in love,
As if, we always felt this way

So give me here, your hand to hold
You make me feel completely whole
I've left what life was like before
Since our moment here in time,
You opened up the past once more
I'll love you now until the end
I know within another life
This love will come for us, again

But let us love each other now
Before day turns to dark of night
Just hold each other very tight
In our perfect moment here in time
All we need for love so true
No good-byes are ever said
Your heart and mine forever wed
Until some other day
In this, our moment set in time
We will forever stay

Linda Ann Henry 2010
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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