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~One Neglected Rose~
by: O' Puppy

An old man walking down the street
Had age he could not hide
The lines that etched his face were deep
His mouth hung open wide

It looked as if he was in pain
As he went walking by
I couldn't help but look again
And somehow I said "Hi"
He stopped and slowly turned around
His body out of sync
Then smiled without making a sound
With eyes that never blinked

Confused, I tried to get a grip
To find something to say
I noticed blood upon one lip
And said, "Are you ok?"

A funny grin came on his face
Then he spoke cautiously
"I'm still alive," he said with grace
"Alive as I can be"

"That cut, Is it ok?" I asked
He said, "It's nothing son"
"Someone wearing a silly mask
Just bumped me with their gun"

I scoffed, "No sir, how can that be?"
As he wiped off the blood
"Have we lost our integrity?
This  doesn't sound so good"

He stared at me and took my arm
And said, "No sir, young man
This wasn't about any harm
You just don't understand"

"We only reap the things we sow
Now who are we to blame?
It's been that way since long ago
When they rebuked Christ's name"

So paralyzed to even speak
I only shook my head
This old man with his heart so meek
Was right in what he said

We reminisced as old folks do
About the way things were
I said, "I'm so glad I met you"
He winked and said, "Yes sir"

Then as he turned to walk away
He smiled and said, "You know
It was a thorn I felt today
From one neglected rose"

Ronnie D. Shreve
used with permission



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