~ One Pebble ~

Throw one pebble in the river, splash, it's gone
But hundreds of ripples circle on and on
Circles spreading wide flow out to sea
Only God knows where the end will be.

Throwing a pebble in the water we soon forget
That little waves we created are circling yet
From little waves a big wave has grown
And a mighty river is disturbed by that stone.

Say one harsh word and we think it is gone
A harsh word spoken will spread on
Echoing over water it will flow
And nothing can ease its bitter blow.

Dropping words of cheer on a splashing wave
Brings joy and comfort in words you gave
Words of cheer we never forget
Over miles of water they are circling yet.


Glenna M. Baugh 2007
Living by Faith

"May the pebble you throw today
circle others with love along the way"

~Quote by Glenna~

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