~ "ONLINE" Friendships ~

The day I bought my computer,
I was enthused about another world.
Of mouse, the internet, viruses,
the various informative sites unfurled.

I never realized that friendships,
would be cemented and formed.
I didn't know that I would care so much,
talking online, as lives were transformed.

We may have been there, done that,
but a bond is created among many an online friend.
Our faces may not be recognized on the street,
but our souls are revealed, as similar values blend.

Our moments of joy and misfortunes so heavy,
shared with friends, heartfelt conversations ensue.
Sometimes help is needed in times of distress,
we stand by and offer in prayer, to see you through.

I've been surprised and overwhelmed,
when I found we had Jesus in our heart.
Jesus, our Savior and friend for all our lives,
that, to me, is the most magnificent part.

Our bond of togetherness is special indeed,
as we search the internet so much to see.
With Almighty God and Jesus so precious,
our destiny intertwined between you and me.


Joan C. Nelson-Payne 2/6/07

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