Broken Vessel by ACW Graphics


~ Only God Knows ~

When I pray and ask God what to do
He always helps me to see it through
Only God knows what is our fate
It may hurt but better to find out now
Than when it is too late

Believe in God and the beauty you see
Every day His love comes through His art to me
When I feel I can not carry my cross until the end
I know The Lord has angels He can send

When God tells you when to stay or walk away
It is better to listen, do not stray
For The Lord is good, to show you the way
He, Himself blesses me every day

Only God knows, what is good or bad
Believe me when I say it is better to be sad
For that will not last, if you follow God's path
Do good for others, and help them too
God will smile when you finally break through.


Linda Ann Henry 2007
Do you remember me
The people's poet


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