~ On The Battlefield For My Lord ~

I am on the battlefield for my Lord
But my weapon is not gun nor any sword
But prayer, prayed on my knees to Him
The battle then I know I'm sure to win

He guides my steps to march along
On the great Highway heading home
But along the way here as I go
I'm reaching out to gather many souls

He's the commander in Chief always
The battle ground He chooses every day
If in the battle I keep in step with His army,
Then His blessed face I know I will see

I have been chosen by God to recruit
Soldiers who will fight for Him too
So I give the invitation to you my friend
Come, a crown we'll win in the end!

Yes, I'll stay in the battle and fight
Claiming brothers and sisters to my left and right
Gaining victory 'til the battle is all done
In Jesus Our Commander, it will be won!


Betty Hill 2007


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