~ On The Pathway ~

One day, as our hearts went a wandering
along a pretty garden path
You had a li'l question
The sweetest one to ask

How long shall we be friends?
You pondered on...as I replied
As long as forever dear, you shall be my friend
Always, and forever near
But how long is that, you softly cry
and I said, we can never say goodbye


Not while new wings of spring can fly
And the moon is creamy white
And angel's sweetly sing, we can never cease to be
forever friends, you and I

For as high and wide as great oak trees
And cheery autumn winds may blow
For as far afield as birds may fly
You'll be in this heart of mine
beyond the mysteries of darkest night
and the endless starry skies


With more tenderness than a li'l lambkin's bleat
or a baby's gentle cry
and more wondrous than a golden morn
Long after secret dreams come true...
love in us will still abide

Ah you reply, with a little sigh,
Now I understand, how precious then
As precious as God's everlasting love in you and I
We shall be forever friends


Softest whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

In a friend's heart
you find God's everlasting treasure

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