~ Open The Gate ~

Standing at the threshold, why don't you go in?
Are you afraid something might get under your skin?
Just unlatch the gate, walk straight ahead,
The path is right there, nothing to dread.

Your guide is there, ready and waiting,
You're not the first, so no stagnating.
The way's all clear, for you have been called,
Don't you remember the story of Saul?

The tormentor, the critic and unbeliever,
Hammering his purpose as a strong deceiver.
When he was stopped in his tracks,
A voice, blinded, led away after the attacks.

Then he knew who wanted him to change,
His Father in Heaven, he still thought it strange.
Hovering in fear, finally realizing his good,
Transformed, strengthened, a man he stood.

So open the gate to God's goodness and love,
Follow the Shepherd, God's Son from above.
We're here for a purpose, He does love us all,
Listen, have faith, and answer His call.

Acts 9:4-18 (Saul did)

Joan C. Nelson-Payne 11/4/06

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