I love the feast of summer
For I love the summer fruit,
Just to pluck me an orange orange
To drink of it's sweetest juice.

Then I can squeeze it very soft
As I roll it round and round,
I'll pick the best one on the tree
The brightest to be found.

Shall I peel it with a knife
Or maybe bite a little hole,
Then I can suck to quench my thirst

Oh, but I want to eat it whole.

Let it not be dry or bitter
All that color just an empty show,
I don't want to be let down
Another disappointment know.

I think I'll find, it is so much neater
To separate each segment piece by piece,
Then the juice doesn't run all over
While I have my feast.

But I shall not get all hot-headed
Frustrated if my goal is blocked,
I'll just extract the sweet I can
It's lovely secrets to unlock.

Oh I want to enjoy an orange
From the most delicious in season,
In this heat I want that juicy taste
Could there be a better reason?

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2004 used with permission

"There will be a lot of color in love,
and there is always risk.
We find that pain is
mixed with the joy and good,
and there is no way to separate them out.
You take them both or you get nothing at all".
~Author Unknown~

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