~ The Ornery Old Ghost ~

Have you ever put something
somewhere so that you
will always be able to find it?
Then when you really need
that wondrous item
it isn't there;
Somehow it just disappeared into thin air,
That ornery old Ghost!

Once I lost a check for a sizable amount
I was sure that I had placed it
where it would count.
Who moved the salt?
It was in the refrigerator
right under my nose.
You guessed it;
It must have been that ornery old Ghost!

Hubby says to me,
"I guess I will have to buy new underwear;
Mine are missing and I can't
find them anywhere";
I say,
"Did you look in the bottom drawer
where they usually are kept?"

That ornery old Ghost must have moved
them when I slept;
Honey have you seen my wallet?
I've looked, someone must have
taken it and booked!

Dear, have you checked your pants pocket?
That's where you had it last;
That ornery old Ghost may have lifted it,
gone out on the town and had a blast!

Whoooooooo turned that light off?
We're all present and accounted for.
So If I am sitting here knitting,
and the children are all on the floor,
You're reading your newspaper;
Whooooooooo slammed that door?!

Ha Ha Ha I hear a laugh up above my head,
a shiver runs down my spine
"Got ya', It's me, the one
you'll never find"



 Janice Bumbalough Marler 2003

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