~ The Other Man ~

I'm in love with another man,
And my husband doesn't care.
It just doesn't seem to bother him,
That my love with them I share.

I really love this other man,
And I love Him with all my heart.
I loved Him before my husband,
And I'll still love Him, should we part.

I go to bed loving Him each evening,
And I wake up loving Him each day.
I can't imagine my life without Him,
Although I know He'll never walk away.

This other man has blessed my life,
Loves me whether I'm wrong or right.
He walks me through my daily strife,
And guards me throughout each night.

He's promised me eternity with Him,
And He's given me strength to endure.
He's given me an unending love,
A true love of which I'm sure.

He's my Lord, my King of kings,
The prince of eternal peace.
Only He can wash you clean,
And all your sins release !!

So now you know the other man,
Who also captured my heart.
He loves me and my husband both,
With a Love that will never depart !!

Happy Valentine's Day Jesus !!

Brenda D King January 2007


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