~ Other Side ~

There's a better life a waiting,
Over on the other side,
A better life a waiting,
And clouds for me to ride.

There are crowns with jewels,
And wings that fit just right.
There are halos and moonbeams,
No darkness in sight.

There is love and happiness,
No sadness to be found.
And many many mansions,
For miles and miles around.

There are no different colors,
There we are all the same.
Jesus loves us equally,
And knows each of us by name.

There is no hatred, no death,
No hunger, no wars,
There is no drugs, no crime,
There is no need for locked doors.

Heaven is a place of beauty,
That shelters us from harm.
The devil cannot tempt us there,
With deceit, lies, or charm.

So believe in the Son,
Repent down on your knees.
Be baptized in His name
For it's He who holds the keys.

He will meet us at the gate,
There on the other side,
The man who loved us so much,
That on the cross died !!

Brenda D King
May 9, 2007
He's Coming Soon :-)


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