~ Our Doggie ~

Our little Maltese
Has many toys
We call them her "babies"
She has many choices!

Wherever she goes
A "baby" is in her mouth
She has one with her
Whenever we take her out!

Babies, babies
Babies galore
Piles of them
Are at our front door!

When you come to visit
Everywhere you look
Piles of "babies"
Are stacked up like books!

Some "babies" squeak
And some make strange sounds
But she loves them all
This we have found!

Babies, babies
Just look and see
Small and large
They belong to our Maltese!

She's very possessive
And she won't share
They're ALL her "babies"
She's protective and cares!

Yes, we've spoiled her
This we can see
We have an excuse though
She's our "BABY"! :-)


Chee Chee Martin 2009
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul
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