~ Our Forest Pathway ~
You and I love to go on little walks
Along our own pathway
A pretty little forest trail
That we revel in each day
We warm each other's lives
As we wander on our path
Inspired by every thought
We share from heart to heart
And when we have to separate
Although we never part
All that we have enjoyed
Gives us more we can impart
God gave us to each other
To know a special care
You fill my heart with heaven's love
By all you have to share
Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006
We finally found the path that we will walk on
side by side and I love this path for we will be together
always in our emails and in our hearts,
love straight from God to you and me.
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midi..Main Theme From "Toufu Street"
Chen Li De Yue Guang By Mavis Hee
Arr & Trans by : Alvin Ho J.C.

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