~ Our Journey On Earth ~
Our journey on earth is an upward climb
Many bends in the road we will find
But God will provide for us, you see
On our way to eternity.

Our journey on earth is day by day
At times we detour in a roundabout way
But as we travel God will lighten our load
On earth God does not intend for us to stay.

Our journey will take us to a better place
Greater and more beautiful than we know
Some will complete the journey at a fast pace
And for others their journey will be slow.

Our journey ends at heaven's gates
Standing just inside, Jesus waits
Everlasting joy and peace is our reward
Together with Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Glenna M. Baugh 7-08
Living by Faith

"What a wonderful day it will be
when our journey is over
and Christ Jesus we will see"
~Quote by Glenna~


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