~ Our Little World ~

We all had some special hidey holes
favorite little nooks
Like nestling in an alcove
where we liked to read our books
Or 'neath the hedge a secret cave
to sneak in with the cat
Or the big old firewood heap
with bunnies in our lap

Maybe in the silo on the hill
when it was clean and clear
We'd crawl in through the tiny hatch
and warble echoes we could hear
Then there was the prickly hayshed
full of baby mice and bales
We'd try to find a staircase
and climb right up to the rails

We may have built a treehouse
with steps to get up high
To take our li'l childhood dreams
away where we could fly
But, best beneath our God's blue sky
were cubbies of the tallest weed
To crawl about and flatten some
and make the rooms we'd need

Where was our fear of critters then
within trap doors to spring
We shared our days with beetles
unaware of scary things
We could travel in our tiny world
just with our li'l finger
Between the grass, stones, sticks and sand
a special road we'd figure

Puppies, lambs, kittens and birds
made up our world so sweet
Swings, a sandpit, Momma near
all we would ever need
Love within our li'l world
was all we'd ever need
God's blue heaven overhead
a perfect sanctuary

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

Tell me the tales that to me were so dear,
Long, long ago, long, long ago.
Oh, I have roamed o'er many lands,
And many friends I've met;
Not one fair scene or kindly smile
Can this fond heart forget.
Thomas Haynes Bayly

No traces left of all the busy scene,
But that remembrance says:
the things that have really been.
Samuel Boyse

glimmering through the dream
of things that were.
Lord Byron

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