Our Peaceful Porch


~ Our Peaceful Porch ~

You and I sit so peacefully together
On our own sunny porch
Being as we are, just you and I
In the everlasting we are living for

Here your kindness, unfurls a warmth
In all you say and do
God gave His very best
When He chose for me, a friend like you

I think I must be especially blessed
And now I know 'tis really true
Seeing as God decided I should have
Such a lovely friend as you

Softest whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

Some friendships are as comforting and
comfortable as a well worn pair of shoes
Others are full of excitement and adventure.
The best ones are laced with laughter
and softened with tears and strengthened

with a spiritual bond

Emilie Barnes & Donna Otto
Friends of the Heart

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