~ Our Savior's Love ~

The sun plays between the clouds,
birds sing their sweet refrain.
Trees dance to songs of the wind,
as the flowers reach out for the rain.

Itís spring in Godís beautiful world;
He paints his canvas with gold;
sprinkled with flecks from rainbows,
renewing my heart and my soul.

Fireflies blink in the starry night,
crickets come out to sing,
fields show their first sign of life,
the grass is beginning to green.

And now is the time to remember,
give thanks for our Saviorís love;
His innocent blood shed long ago,
a gift from the Heavenís above.

Our sins will all be washed clean,
and our souls returned to home,
all because that One Man died,
on a cross, on a hill, so alone.

© Forrest Phelps-Cook

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