~ Out For A Walk ~
I love walking on the beach
Feeling the sand between my toes
The sun beating down upon me
The ocean with its ebb and flow.

The gulls dipping and soaring
Watching the sun as it sets in the West
The sky turning colors like a rainbow
Relieving me of any stress.

Watching kids build sand castles
Guys and girls surfing on a wave
People swimming in the ocean
Waves crashing into a cave.

The smell of salt in the air
A cool breeze against my skin
Palm trees rustling their leaves
It's paradise I'm in.

Picking up seashells
Scattered on the beach
As I continue to walk along
I feel an inner peace.

Taking a deep breath
As the water caresses my feet
Enjoying every moment
Feeling so complete.

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Midi is used with permission
copyright Geoff Anderson


Brought to you by 2009