~ Over The Rainbow ~

I have always wondered how to get to Heaven
I want to be an angel in the sky
Or better yet a little butterfly.

Why you ask?
Over the rainbow, beautiful things
Happen as a miracle to find.
Over the rainbow,
The colors that are now me will glow alight
With my God smiling,
I can hear him say "My angels will carry you to life".

I have loved my life and it will never end
Because now I am ready for Heaven.
I will see people from my past
And friends I knew on earth will fly,
I hope they will all be little butterflies.

A little butterfly, is the beginning of hope
If I look, I see myself reflected,
The bright colors blind me only for a moment
If I reach higher I am protected,
By flying gently in the sky of blue
I become one with the rainbow too.

God loves children and all kind of creatures
Those who are chosen specially,
Are made into butterflies,
Because God wants them free.

So the next time you see a rainbow,
See if you can look over it all
There you will find a garden
With flowers and little butterflies,
Who are everlasting souls.

You will be looking into Heaven
I hope my dearest friend, we have this connection
So we will never part
And live forever in Jesus' heart.

Linda Ann Henry ©2004
Do you remember me
The people's poet

I think the most beautiful of all God's creatures is the butterfly.
When they fly in the air it is as if music is talking to you.
Then when you see a rainbow, God's gift of a promise,
put the two together and I see Heaven.
It is like having a secret garden no one knows about.
But when you look over the top, you see wondrous things.
Anything God does, is done well.

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