"To My Own Sir With Love"
(to my favorite teacher)

My heart compels me to write
about sir, my shining armored knight.
A true miracle, he was my own "sir with love"
a teacher, with wisdom touched from above.

At a tender age of fifteen
on much attention I was very keen!
Some thought me mischievous and wild
but I was only just a child!

Now with Ms. Sybil I could never get by
for she always had me in her watchful eye!
With an iron will, but kind,
she was the only one to keep me in line.

But my sir just ignored, didn't even look,
his attention on chalkboard or book.
No matter how outrageous and wild I could be
he never even looked at me!

With every single day
he just ignored my antics and play
and never once looked my way!
I think it's called reverse psychology today ...

The only way I could get sir's attention
was with English, themes, and composition!
And Oh, how my writing flowed
as his attention he finally showed!!

He was my teacher, God's blessed own
and for my freshman year he was on loan.
I remember his lessons yet ...
and in my heart I will never forget ...

He lit a flame that never went out or died
no matter how many failures as I tried
or heart break, and tears cried ...
Sir's lessons always stayed inside.

"To my own sir with love", where ever you are
across this earth whether near or far
I send this little note ...  with my very own quote,
"To my own sir with love, my heart's shinning star" ...

Barbara LaBarbera
2003 used with permission
to my favorite teacher, Sim O. Wilde, Phd

And this to all teachers across the land
that teach with hearts touched by God's Own Hand


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