~ Pageantry ~

Oh, how enchanting
Bright rays through the trees
Warm kiss the sun's planting
Diamond dew drops to please

Look at the flowers
Just look at that bed
Relaxing for hours
With no sense of dread

Faeries on petals
Wings flittering bright
No thorns and no nettles
Sweet blossoms delight

Oh what a pageant
Gathered in greeting
Their essence so magic
Their beauty competing

Ever they shimmer
'Neath dawn's pink-gold clouds
When the moon glimmers
Ensconced in night's shroud

They fold up their daydreams
They all wave goodbye
Alighting on moonbeams
Away they do fly

Their work not completed
They bask in the glow
All will be repeated
Tomorrow, they know

Faerie's Heartsongs
T.R. Cardinet 2010

As you go along your way, today,
take a moment to appreciate
the wonder and beauty of God's love,
which is evidenced everywhere.


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Midi is used with permission
Geoff Anderson

Fairy artwork Caron Vinson