~ Paint With Words ~

As the program closed and I headed home
We said our goodbyes and went on alone
A blanket of tents covered the street
So with time to spare, I took a walk to see

Artists were showing the public their wares
Many kinds of lakes, streams and bears
Portraits of stars, even ships and boats
I asked if there was room for just one poet

I was told it was visual, not that of rhyme
If it was with pencil or paint, that was fine
But I paint with words, so tell me please
What is so different to that I now see

Pictures of love, lights and that of spirit
Not only eyes, but with the heart, will hear it
Open your mind to beauty of many shapes
I still can paint of colors, rivers, and lakes

The northern lights I have painted once before
That of cottages that were built by the shore
Of love and life. both old, and that which is new
So many things with my words you may view

A portrait of friends I have passed in my life
But you can see the beauty in their eyes
Their heart, spirit, sometimes even their fears
Hear their laughter, as well as, see the tears

What, please tell me, is the difference my friend
If it was painted on canvas or that of a pen
He stopped for awhile, to give it a thought
Then said, if he could, he'd give me a spot

Gary Salter


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