~ Pappy's Bible ~

Pappy read his bible to me each day
After reading the scripture he would say
To thank God there is only one way
Now bow your head it is time we pray.

Each night as I sat at pappy's knee
He told many bible stories to me
God sent Jesus to earth with love
From His home in heaven above.


Pappy held the bible in his hand
And he taught me to understand
How to open my heart to let Jesus in
Believe, and He would forgive my sin.

Pappy's bible, to him, was the living word
He wanted the story of Jesus to be heard
Singing and praising Him in every way
By faith, Pappy followed Jesus each day.


Glenna M. Baugh 2006
Living by Faith

Written in loving memory of
Pappy, my grandfather, who loved
reading his bible and teaching
others Jesus Christ lives today.

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