~ Pa-Rumpa-Pum-Pum ~

The night was clear and brilliant.
A soft chill filled the air.
So silent and so holy
It humbled each one there.

The lowing cattle whispered
So as not to wake the Babe,
Sleeping in contentment
There, upon the hay...

The sheep gathered all around Him,
Thus, to keep Him warm.
Angels watched in adoration,
Keeping Him from harm...

The Wise Men brought gifts of wealth
And placed them around the child...
And as He watched them lovingly,
Sweet Jesus, softly smiled.

Mary, tired and weary
From her night of pain,
Held that Baby gently
As if not to let Him go again.

Joseph proudly looked upon
This peaceful, thrilling sight,
As shepherds pointed to the star
That would lead them there that night.

Then, a gentle tapping
That grew louder all around
Till every ear within it's path
Could hear its resonating sound...

Threadbare and shivering in the night,
A drummer boy stood...
And there he made an offering
Of the only thing he could...

He played his heart out in those taps
As he, in wonder, looked upon,
The Baby Jesus on the hay...
God's One and Only Son...

And as he finished his last tap
There on that tiny, little drum...
Baby Jesus smiled at him
As He blessed this little one...

It doesn't matter whom you are
Or where your riches lay this day...
As long as you tap each beat
For that Baby on the hay...


December 9, 2009
By Lynn King

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