~ Past Christmases ~

Twinkling lights seem to mesmerize
As they cast colors on the fallen snow
Causing memories to arise
Of past Christmases long ago.

Remembering gifts under the tree
Waking up early Christmas morn
Rushing downstairs filled with glee
These memories do keep me warm.

As I travel through our town
Another memory comes to mind
So much beauty is all around
It takes me back in time.

Back when Christmas wasn't commercialized
Back when we were taught the reason why
Have we become too civilized
To freely worship our God on high?

I remember our town had a nativity scene
And Merry Christmas was all you heard
Nowadays Christmas has different themes
And not often do you hear His word.

I remember carolers going door to door
Singing beautiful Christmas songs
The meaning of Christmas should be restored
What's going on now is wrong.

Giving to the needy is what everyone did
It made all involved feel good
Helping old people, young adults, and kids
The meaning of Christmas was understood.

Why can't Christmas be like it was before?
Those days were filled with love
But now they all seem to ignore
Our Lord Jesus and God above.

Our children need to be aware and taught
What happened on Christmas Day
It's not about the presents that are bought
But about His birth and how He paved our way.

Chee Chee Martin 2009
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