~ Path Of Peace ~

Though I walk, live and drive upon
these streets of concrete
And hear the sounds of traffic and horn beep
I am who I am and always will be
Child of Creator and of Cherokee

Once long ago I ran free as the wind
It did not matter I had no money to spend
My life was rich and blessed
by Great Spirits Hand.
We were as children and lived off
this beautiful land.

Elders taught us the meaning of life
by wisdoms learned told around the campfires
For centuries my people have been Earth keepers
Whatever we take from Mother Earth we put back

Today the Spirits of my grandfathers ...
call to me to remember to love Mother Earth
as she loves us. To give love and comfort
to those in need. To bind the hearts
torn by strife and greed

To love our brothers and sisters
and to raise our children with pride and honor
For if we respect and love each other
and this great land
And allow our hearts to be touched
by Great Spirits Hand

What is there to fight over?

Bonnie Ray
2004 all rights reserved
used with permission



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