I know we will now walk together
On beyond all we can see
Because we began our journey
With the love from where we've been
We will choose to go on further
From where the care began
Together we unleashed it
When our hearts became as one

We found the door of friendship
Open, swinging wide
And there beyond the arch
A path before our eyes


There is nothing now preventing us
From walking through together
For from today into forever
My soul will walk with you

We've linked our arms to meander
Upward on life's path
To stroll along God's way of love
In the garden of our hearts


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

He is the door... as we walk in, we will
receive all He has for us.
He said, come to me
and I will give you rest for your souls

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Midi by K. Nishimura Piano / Kauai Style 1996


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